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Effects of Various Carbonization Temperatures for Closing Wood-Charcoal Kiln on Charcoal Properties

The effects of various carbonization temperatures for closing wood-charcoal kiln on the properties of the charcoal produced were studied at three carbonization temperatures of 500, 600 and 700 °C, respectively. A Thai-Iwate wood charcoal kiln (Japanese type) using eucalypt (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) wood was used to produce the charcoal. The wood was sourced from trees that were three to five years ... Read More »

Natural Watershed Recovery Estimation after 40 Years of Forest Rehabilitation in Khun Khong Watershed Research Station, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The cumulative effects of previous massive deforestation can have catastrophic consequences, particularly flash floods and landslides in every rainy season from May to October. Without any restoration, abandoned land will never develop into forest. To recover degraded land, fast-growing native tree species like pine (Pinus kesiya) have been widely planted in the Imperata grasslands at the head of the watersheds ... Read More »

Management Evaluation of Bueng Chawak Non-Hunting Area

The objectives of this study were to develop indicators for the evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of a non-hunting area and to apply those indicators to evaluate the management of the Bueng Chawak Non-Hunting Area. The developed indicators were based on management objectives of non-hunting areas in Thailand and at the international level. Fifty-one academics and practitioners participated in ... Read More »

Production and Marketing of Bamboo Products in Lampang Province

This study examined the production and marketing of bamboo products and the problems in bamboo-product enterprises in Lampang province. Data were gathered by interviewing 17 entrepreneurs. The respondents were classified as: 4 food-stick producers, 7 food-stick and chopstick producers, 5 food-stick, chopstick and toothpick producers, and one incense-stick producer. The production process of each product type was similar; the raw ... Read More »

Effect of Eucalyptus Plantation on Soil Properties at Wang Nam Khiao Forestry Student Training Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

The study examined the effect of Eucalyptus plantation on the soil properties at the Wang Nam Khiao Forestry Student Training Station, Wang Nam Khiao district, Nakhon Ratchasima province. The study was conducted in sample plots of 6-year-old Eucalyptus plantation and 2-year-old coppiced Eucalyptus plantation and was compared with a natural forest and a grassland. The results showed that physical properties ... Read More »

Site Physical Potentials for Eucalyptus camaldulensis Plantations in the Lower Part of Northeastern Thailand

The study of site physical potentials for Eucalyptus  camandulensis plantations was conducted in the lower part of northeastern Thailand where consists 8.44 million hectares in total. The study areas were geographically classified into 4 types based on digital maps derived from Land Development Department, namely, upland soil series group areas, lowland soil series group areas, conservation forests areas, and slope ... Read More »

Influences of Patch Sizes on Bird Assemblages in Fragmented Landscape Around Western Forest Complex of Thailand

We examined the effects of patch size of disturbed (secondary) forests on bird assemblages in buffer-zone areas of the Western Forest Complex in Thailand.  135 line transects (500m each) were used to determine bird species occurrence in 63 forest patches, ranging in size from 4.139 to 9,057.012 ha. The data set was analyzed using the simple regression and ordination method ... Read More »

Financial Return from Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds

This research was carried out in Chachoengsao province and aimed to compare the financial return from three land uses: paddy field (PF), single-row planting of eucalypts (75 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (OEP) and two-row planting of eucalypts (150 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (TEP). The sample households who had planted the three crops were interviewed. Eucalypt trees from the ... Read More »

Leaf Gas Exchange Characteristics of Four Eucalypt Clones Planted on Paddy Bunds in Chachoengsao Province

Leaf gas exchange characteristics play an important role in tree growth and carbon storage. In this study, the leaf gas exchange characteristics of four eucalypt clones planted on paddy bunds were investigated in two on-farm study sites in Chachoengsao province. Specifically, four leaf gas exchange characteristics were measured in the wet and dry seasons: light-saturated net photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration ... Read More »

Carbon Storage of Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds in Chachoengsao Province

This study investigated the potential to store carbon in the biomass of eucalypt clones planted on paddy bunds in two trials in Chachoengsao province: 1) a clonal trial of four clones; and 2) a spacing trial with five different distances between trees. There were two study sites on farms in each trial. Three years after planting, samples of stems, branches, ... Read More »