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Ecology of Ficus racemosa Linn. and F. hispida Linn. With Their Interspecific Relationships with Fig Wasp in Namtok Samlan National Park, Saraburi Provine

The purposes of this research were determine to the ecological distribution of figs along  the  altitudinal  gradient; phenology of two fig species, namely Ficus. racemosa Linn. and F. hispida Linn; and interspecific relationships of fig and fig wasp mutualism.The research was carried out in two  selected forest types, namely  mixed deciduous forest (MDF) and dry evergreen forest (DEF) at Namtok ... Read More »

Effect of Burning Fire on Fuel Bed Properties in the Dry Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uthai Thani Province

Effect of burning fire on fuel bed properties in the dry deciduous dipterocarp forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary was studied in twelve 30 m x 30 m plots with completely randomized design.  Three plots were monthly burned starting from January to April in 2003. Four plots, 1 m x 1 m size of each were selected to study ... Read More »

Investigation on Social Capital Charecteristics for Community-Based Watershed and Environmental Management: A Case Study of Romphothong Community Thatakieb District Chachoengsao Province

The objectives of this research were to investigate the characteristics of social capital towards watershed and environmental management of Romphothong Community, which is the best practice on community-based watershed and environmental management. This study is Ex-post Facto Research in combination with qualitative research and quantitative research. The using Sampling scheme was divided into two parts, qualitative research using snowball sampling, ... Read More »

Community Participation Level Model for Community forest Management in Klongtagrao Watershed Area, Chachoengsao Province

Influence of deterministic factors education on the community participation level for community forest management in Klongtagrao watershed, Thatakieb district, Chachoengsao province was studied in five villages of which community forests were as follows: Nhongkhayang, Romphothong, Thammaratnai, Kao-krating and Khao-klouymai village. Eighteen factors expected to have influence on the community participation level were determined. It was divided into each community mean, ... Read More »

Monitoring of the Leopard Population at Khao Nang Rum in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

Leopard population was monitered using capture-recapture technique.  Camera traps were set up for 3 years (1996-1999) over a 115.88 km2 area (A) around Khao Nang Rum Wildlife Research Station, Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary. Eighteen leopards were photographed including 4 adult females, 3 sub-adult females, 3 adult males, 3 sub-adult males and 5 males that could not be identified by ... Read More »

Growth of Aquilaria crassna Pierre Seedlings Under Different Light Intensities

Growth of Aquilaria crassna Pierre seedlings under different light intensities was investigated at the Central Forest Seed Centre, Muak-Lek, Saraburi. A Completely Randomized Design with five treatments and four replications was used. Treatment 1 (T1) was the open-area where neither sides was covered with the shading net. Treatment 2 (T2) was only topside of the nursery covered with shading net ... Read More »

Effect of Fire on Vegetation in the Dry Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uthai Thani Province.

Effect of fire on vegetation in the dry deciduous dipterocarp forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary was observed from twelve plots of 30 m x 30 m size locating by completely randomized design sampling. Three plots were monthly burned startly from January to April in 2003. The effect of fire on growth and mortality data of vegetation were determined ... Read More »

Determination of Soil Water Characteristic Curve Equation for Estimating Soil Moisture Change at Mae-Sa Watershed, Chiang Mai Province

A study to formulate the suitable soil water characteristic curve equations for estimating soil moisture  change at Mae Sa watershed, Chiang Mai province, Northern Thailand. Twenty one samples were collected from seven different places at different soil depths (5, 115 and 215 cm). The objectives were to determine the relationship between soil water content and matric potential and to obtain ... Read More »

People Participation Development and Management of Phu Phaman National Park

This research aimed to determine the participation patterns and assess the results from the Pilot Project on Participation Development for Phu Phaman National Park Management. Literature reviews and interviews of 261 sample households located in the project areas were conducted. The statistical analysis method using for the data analysis was percentage. This project was initiated by the government organization to ... Read More »

Sustainable Architectural Design and Development Guidelines for Intensive Use Zone in National Park: A Case Study in Kaengkrachan National Park Phetchaburi Province

This research proposes a guideline for sustainable architectural design and development for intensive use zone in national park. It identifies the appropriate architectural and land management in tourist service areas as well as the environmental maintenance for tourism purposes. KaengkrachanNational Park in PhetchaburiProvince was selected as the subject for this study.  The analysis was focused on 2 major aspects, architectural ... Read More »