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Smoke Composition of Burning Fire in Dry Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uthai Thani Province

Smoke composition of burning fire in dry deciduous dipterocarp forest at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary was studied in twelve 30 x 30 m2 plots with completely randomized design. Smoke composition was investigated in three plots per each month from January to April in 2003 and 2004. The smoke composition was recorded every two minutes in eight cardinal directions during ... Read More »

Family Variation in Early Growth Characteristics of Thai Neem (Azadirachta indica var. siamensis Valeton) in Lad Krating Plantation, Chachoengsao

12-month-old Thai Neem grown in the progeny trial in Lad Krating Plantation, Chachoengsao had average survival percentage, height, and diameter at ground level values as 91.65%, 31.77 cm, and 5.04 mm, respectively.  Monthly height growth pattern of Thai Neem was slightly increased in the dry season and accelerated in the rainy season.  On the other hand, the diameter growth increased ... Read More »

An Assessment of Urban Canopy Cover Over Chiang Mai Municipality

Total canopy cover and canopy cover over Chiang Mai City Municipality (CMCM) was made based on the results of aerial photography interpretation. Canopy cover of the city varied between 21.5% and 33.9% by subdistrict, averaging 31.1% citywide. The interpretation of urban tree canopy cover distribution from aerial photographs has provided a geographical baseline for understanding the current situation, including future ... Read More »

Satisfaction of Tourists Towards Mae Fa Luang Garden

Objectives of the study were to determine satisfaction levels and factors affecting the satisfaction of tourists towards Mae Fa Luang Garden, Mae Fa Luang District, ChiangRaiProvince. The designed questionnaire was employed as a tool for gathering data by interviewing 400 sampled tourists visiting Mae Fa Luang Garden. The statistical analysis method used were percent, mean, minimum, maximum, t-test and F-test. ... Read More »

The Readiness of Tambol Administration Organization Members in Community Forest Management, Wapi Pathum District, Maha Sarakham Province

Objectives of the study were to determine the socio-economic condition, opinion level  on readiness and factors relating to the opinions on the readiness of Tambol  Administration Organization Members in community forest management in Wapi Pathum  District, MahaSarakhamProvince. The designed  questionnaires were employed as a tool for interviewing 111 respondents. The statistical analysis  methods used were percent, mean and Chi-square. Results ... Read More »

Shoot Processing of Highland Bamboo: Pickled Bamboo Shoot in Fermented Soybean

Study on bamboo shoot utilization of highland bamboo, the aims were to develop formula of a pickled bamboo shoot in fermented soybean, which should be an acceptability of consumer and health benefits. Four formulas of  the pickled bamboo shoot in fermented soybean in hermetically sealed package were carried out  using 3 species of bamboo shoot e.g. Bambusa oldhamii, Dendrocalamus latiflorus ... Read More »

Shoot Processing of Highland Bamboo: Acidified Bamboo Shoot in Hermetecally Sealed Container

This research aimed to process acidified bamboo shoot in hermetically sealed container. Food compositions of three species of highland bamboo shoot were also investigated. e.g. Bambusa oldhamii  (Leeju), Dendrocalamus  latiflorus ( Marju) and Phyllostachys makinoi (Makinoi). It was noticed that shoot of P. makinoi contained  protein, dietary fiber,  sodium and calcium  higher than shoot of B. oldhamii  and  D. latiflorus. But ... Read More »

Growth Models of Teak at Mae Mo Plantation, Lampang Province

A study on the growth of teak plantations was conducted at the Forest Industry Organization (FIO). The technique of tree ring analysis was used to investigate the growth of teak. Growth models for teak were developed using the technique of regression analysis. The results indicated that diameter growth of teak at the Mae Mo plantation ranged from 0.547 to 9.650 ... Read More »

Appropriate Community Participation Process for Dispute Resolution in Kon Watershed Management, Nan Province, Northern Thailand

The research aims to develop Appropriate Community Participation Process (ACPP) for the dispute resolution in Kon watershed management, NanProvince. The Participatory Action Research (PAR), which emphasizes the establishment of a Core Planning Team (CPT) and the People’s Party (PP), were used for the research methodology.  The PAR provides a mechanism to build a multi-stakeholder partnership and identify land utilization problems ... Read More »

Aboveground Biomass and Litterfall of Natural Evergreen Forest in Eastern Region of Thailand

The total aboveground biomass and net primary production (∆Pn) of natural evergreen forests in eastern region of Thailand were studied in moist evergreen forest (MEF), hill evergreen forest (HEF) at KhaoKhitchakutNational Park, and in dry evergreen forest (DEF) at Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Chanthaburi province during January 2000 to January 2001. In addition, litterfall of these forests was studied ... Read More »