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Growth Models of Teak at Mae Mo Plantation, Lampang Province

A study on the growth of teak plantations was conducted at the Forest Industry Organization (FIO). The technique of tree ring analysis was used to investigate the growth of teak. Growth models for teak were developed using the technique of regression analysis. The results indicated that diameter growth of teak at the Mae Mo plantation ranged from 0.547 to 9.650 ... Read More »

Growth of Teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) in Unthinned Plantations

basal area growth of teak in unthinned plantations of the Forest Industry Organization, Lampang Province, including Mae Chang, Mae Mai and Mae Moh  plantations. Samples of 72 cores from 36 trees were analyzed using dendrochronological techniques (Tree Ring Analysis) to measure tree diameter and basal area growth.             The study results indicated that tree average diameter of 23-24 year old ... Read More »