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Effect of age factor on demand and preference for teak furniture by general consumers

The objectives of this research were to clarify general consumer’s awareness and preference for teak furniture and to present a suitable marketing strategy. To accomplish the objectives, we conducted a questionnaire survey in Bangkok and Udon Thani city in 2013. There were no significant differences in the purchasing behavior between Bangkok general consumers and those in Udon Thani. Respondents who ... Read More »

Ecosystem Water Storage in a Teak Plantation under the Doi Tung Reforestation Royal Project, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand

The water storage in an ecosystem of a 22-year-old teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) plantation under the Doi Tung Reforestation Royal Project in Chiang Rai province was studied using five sampling plots, each of size 40×40 m2, which arranged randomly in areas of an altitude ranging between 515 and 704 m m.s.l. All individuals of teak and successional species of height ... Read More »