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Some Morphology of Forest Soils in Two Community Forests, Mae Wang District, Chiang Mai Province

Some morphology of forest soils in HKL and HT community forests, Mae Wang, Chiang Mai province was studied. Three soil pits (1.5x2x2 m) were dug in each community forest. Soil samples were collected along soil profiles for analysis of physical and chemical properties and forest soil morphology. The results showed that (for 2 m soil depth) in HKL, soil bulk ... Read More »

Soil Characteristics and Carbon Storage in Forest Soil of Mae Ya Noi Community Forest, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai Province

Soil characteristics and carbon storage were studied in the forest soils of Ban Mae Ya Noi community forest, Chom Thong district, Chiang Mai province. Twelve plots (40×40 m) were selected using stratified random sampling along the latitudinal gradient. One soil pit was made in each plot and soil samples were collected down the profile for analysis of physical and chemical ... Read More »

Effect of Eucalyptus Plantation on Soil Properties at Wang Nam Khiao Forestry Student Training Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

The study examined the effect of Eucalyptus plantation on the soil properties at the Wang Nam Khiao Forestry Student Training Station, Wang Nam Khiao district, Nakhon Ratchasima province. The study was conducted in sample plots of 6-year-old Eucalyptus plantation and 2-year-old coppiced Eucalyptus plantation and was compared with a natural forest and a grassland. The results showed that physical properties ... Read More »

Effect of Spacing on Soil Properties of Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bund in Chachoengsao Province

The effect of spacing on the soil properties of eucalypts planted on a paddy bund in Chachoengsao province was investigated at a spacing trial in Phanom Sarakham district. The trial plots were established using a complete randomized block design (CRBD). Trees from clone K51 were planted in a single row with spacing between trees of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and ... Read More »