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Roles of a Pine (Pinus kesiya) Plantation under the Doi Tung Reforestation Royal Project on Water Storages, Chiang Rai Province, Northern Thailand

A 22-year-old pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex. Gorgen) plantation under the Doi Tung Reforestation Royal Project, Chiang Rai province, was investigated for the potential of water storages in plant biomass of pine and successional tree species, and soil system. Ten sampling plots, each of size 40×40 m2, were used for vegetation study. The plots were located randomly in areas of ... Read More »

Growth, Wood Production and Plant Succession in Pinus kesiya Plantations, Northern Head Watershed

Study on growth, production and plant succession in 14-34 year-old pine plantations (21 age classes) were carried out at Boakaew watershed station, ChiangMaiProvince. Average growth increments of Pinus kesiya in these plantations were determined: height, 0.82 m/yr; diameter at breast height, 1.28 cm/yr; and volume, 5.69 m3/ha/yr. There were 17-72 species of succession broadleaves tree species with density of 544-2,250 ... Read More »