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Financial Return from Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds

This research was carried out in Chachoengsao province and aimed to compare the financial return from three land uses: paddy field (PF), single-row planting of eucalypts (75 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (OEP) and two-row planting of eucalypts (150 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (TEP). The sample households who had planted the three crops were interviewed. Eucalypt trees from the ... Read More »

Planting Eucalypts on Paddy Bunds, Along Fence Lines and in Front Backyards

Applied research was carried out on the possibility and potential of planting eucalypts on paddy bunds, along fence lines and in front backyards to earn additional income for farmers. The study was carried out in 22 districts in Chachoengsao and Prachinburi provinces, with 660 farmers participating. A total of 84,700 eucalypt cuttings from the Cooperative Eu-Tech Co., Ltd were used. ... Read More »