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Use Value of Non-timber Forest Products at Khao Khew Community Forest, Hua Khao Sub district, Doem Bang Nang Buat District, Suphan Buri Province

The objective of this study were to determine socio-economic condition, use and use value of non-timber forest products at Khao Khew community forest. Data for the study was gathered by using the designed questionnaires interviewed 36 respondents. The using statistical analysis methods including percent, mean, minimum and maximum. Results of the study indicated that the most respondents were female with ... Read More »

Application of Adaptive Cluster Sampling for Non-timber Forest Products Assessment in Training and Model Forest, Faculty of Forestry, National University of Laos

The aim of this study were to assessment the quantity of non-timber forest prodwcts namely: rattan (Calamus vimina|is willd.), sugar pqüm (Tao) (Armnga westeòhouii Griff.), and  Hem (Goscinium fernestratum Colebr.) by employed adaptive cluster sampling (ACS) and simple random wampling (SR), The size of sample area sas fixed at 1.25 percent of the total area. The sampling plot was a rectangle ... Read More »