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Evaluating Inter-row Light Intensity and Root Distribution of a Hevea brasiliensis (Kunth) Müll. Arg. Plantation in Chiang Rai Province for Selective Planting of Inter-row Trees

This study investigates the differences in light intensity between pararubber rows and the root distribution of pararubber (Hevea brasiliensis (Kunth) Müll. Arg.) (RRIM600), in order to select suitable trees to plant between the rows of pararubber. The study was carried out in a monoculture pararubber plantation in Chiang Rai Province, with tree age ranging 1-10 years and a spacing of ... Read More »

Growth of Aquilaria crassna Pierre Seedlings Under Different Light Intensities

Growth of Aquilaria crassna Pierre seedlings under different light intensities was investigated at the Central Forest Seed Centre, Muak-Lek, Saraburi. A Completely Randomized Design with five treatments and four replications was used. Treatment 1 (T1) was the open-area where neither sides was covered with the shading net. Treatment 2 (T2) was only topside of the nursery covered with shading net ... Read More »

Growth Performance and Physiological Characteristics of Four Clones of Eucalypt Seedlings under Different Light Intensities

The study on growth performance and physiological characteristics of four clones of eucalypt seedlings were carried out under different light conditions at the Faculty of Forestry nursery. A 4×2 factorial design in RCBD with two factors, four clones of eucalypt (K7, K51, K59 and K7) and two light intensities (30 and 100%) was applied with three replications. Growth, biomass, leaf ... Read More »