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Forest Resource Utilization of Ban Luk 32 Community, Xay Distric, Oudomxay Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

This paper aims to analyze forest resource utilization and conservation awareness of the ethnic groups in Luk 32 Village, Xay District, Oudomxay Province, Northern Laos. The data were obtained from a household survey of 100 samples from five ethnic groups. The basic statistics and qualitative data were analyzed. The results show that the sample households harvested 11 types of forest ... Read More »

Factors Affecting People Opinions on Forest Resource Conservation Surrounding Khao Khiao – Khao Chom Phu Wildlife Sanctuary, Chonburi Province

Objectives of the study were to determine the socio-economic condition, general information, opinion level and factors affecting the people opinion on forest resource conservation surrounding Khao Khiao–Khao Chom Phu wildlife sanctuary. The using data was collected by employing the designed questionnaires interviewed 302 respondents. The obtained data was analyzed and represent in term of the statistical values of percentage, mean, ... Read More »

Factors Affecting People Participation in Forest Resource Conservation in Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi Province

The objectives of this research were to determine the socio-economic characteristics of people, the level of people participation and factors affecting people participation in forest resource conservation in the Salakpra Wildlife Sanctuary, Kanchanaburi province.  Data collection was conducted using designed questionnaires to interview 344 household heads.  A statistical software package was employed to calculate the percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test ... Read More »

Administration of Participatory Forest Resource Management under Tabtim Siam 08 Project, Sa Kaeo Province

The objectives of the study were to determine the condition of the forest resources through project situation analysis for setting up strategies and appropriate activities which will be the significant factors affecting effective administration of the Tabtim Siam 08 Project, Sa Kaeo province.  Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) was employed as a technique for data collection involving interviews, focus group meetings ... Read More »