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Litter Production of Forest Communities Restored by Different Process at Lampang Province

Litter production of forest communities restored by different process at Lampang province was investigated litter production of forest reclamation, forest rehabilitation and forest restoration communities at Mae Moh district. The 40×20 m. sample plot (split to subplot of 10×10 m.) were established in fifteen year old forest stand in Mae Moh mine (forest reclamation), Mae Moh teak plantation (forest rehabilitation) ... Read More »

Experiment of Four Species Seed Pelleting for Forest Rehabilitation

The study on experiment of four species seed pelleting for forest rehabilitation was aimed to understand the effect of seed pelleting on germination, survival and growth of four tree species.  Completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 replication was used in the experiment.  Two methods including pelleted and non-pelleted seeds were carried out.  Four tree seed species composed of Albizia lebbeck, ... Read More »