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Leaf Anatomical Characteristics of the Eucalyptus Clones Tolerating to Gall Wasp (Leptocybe invasa Fisher & LaSalle)

Leptocybe invasa, a gall wasp, is a devastating of Eucalyptus plantation in Thailand and other countries. The study was to determine the Eucalyptus tolerant and susceptible to gall wasp. Six Eucalyptus clones were selected, H4 and T5 were tolerant clones while K7, K25, K51 and CT76 were gall wasp susceptible clones. Rooted cutting material of H4 and CT76 were from ... Read More »

Variations in Physiological Characteristics of Different Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. Half-Sib Families

The objective of this study was to determine genetic variation in growth and physiological characteristics (Light-saturated net photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration, intrinsic water-use efficiency and pre-dawn water potential) related to growth of ten Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. half-sib families. The results indicated that the differences in all growth parameters were highly significant among families, while the differences in all physiological characteristics ... Read More »

Water Use and Water Use Efficiency of Eucalypt Intercropped with Cassava in Wattanakorn District, Sakaeo Province

The study on water use and water use efficiency of K7 and K51 eucalypt clones planted as intercropping with cassava were carried out at Wattanakorn District, Sakaeo Province. Diameter at breast height (DBH), total height (H) and water use were also determined for 2 month interval during 1-2 years old. Annual water use and water use efficiency of 1 and ... Read More »

Yield and Financial Return Analysis of Eucalyptus Plantation at Sung Noen District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province

The objectives of this study were to evaluate yield and financial analysis of Eucalypt plantation in each age classes and site quality at. In addition, the optimal financial rotation was determined analyzed. The 50 samples plots with 20Í20 m2 in size were randomly laid out in order to analyzed growth, yield and site quality assessment. Moreover, the obtained B/C ratio, ... Read More »