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Influences of Patch Sizes on Bird Assemblages in Fragmented Landscape Around Western Forest Complex of Thailand

We examined the effects of patch size of disturbed (secondary) forests on bird assemblages in buffer-zone areas of the Western Forest Complex in Thailand.  135 line transects (500m each) were used to determine bird species occurrence in 63 forest patches, ranging in size from 4.139 to 9,057.012 ha. The data set was analyzed using the simple regression and ordination method ... Read More »

Dependency on Forest Resource of People Residing Around Buffer Zone of Nam Pui National Reserved Forest, Saiyaboury Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

Objectives of the study were to determine socio-economic condition, dependency on forest resource and factors affecting the dependency on forest resource of people residing around buffer zone of NamPuiNationalReservedForest. 226 respondents were used for the study. The designed questionnaire was employed as a tool for the data collection. The using statistical analysis methods were percent, minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, ... Read More »