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Shoot Processing of Highland Bamboo: Pickled Bamboo Shoot in Fermented Soybean

Study on bamboo shoot utilization of highland bamboo, the aims were to develop formula of a pickled bamboo shoot in fermented soybean, which should be an acceptability of consumer and health benefits. Four formulas of  the pickled bamboo shoot in fermented soybean in hermetically sealed package were carried out  using 3 species of bamboo shoot e.g. Bambusa oldhamii, Dendrocalamus latiflorus ... Read More »

Shoot Processing of Highland Bamboo: Acidified Bamboo Shoot in Hermetecally Sealed Container

This research aimed to process acidified bamboo shoot in hermetically sealed container. Food compositions of three species of highland bamboo shoot were also investigated. e.g. Bambusa oldhamii  (Leeju), Dendrocalamus  latiflorus ( Marju) and Phyllostachys makinoi (Makinoi). It was noticed that shoot of P. makinoi contained  protein, dietary fiber,  sodium and calcium  higher than shoot of B. oldhamii  and  D. latiflorus. But ... Read More »