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Financial Return from Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds

This research was carried out in Chachoengsao province and aimed to compare the financial return from three land uses: paddy field (PF), single-row planting of eucalypts (75 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (OEP) and two-row planting of eucalypts (150 trees/rai) on a paddy bunds (TEP). The sample households who had planted the three crops were interviewed. Eucalypt trees from the ... Read More »

Root Distribution of Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds in Chachoengsao Province

The root distribution of eucalypts planted in Sanam Chai Khet district, Chachoengsao province was investigated at a clonal test site planted on a paddy bund. Eucalypt clones K7, K51, K58 and K59 were planted in a single row with 1 m spacing between trees. Trees sampled were aged 1.5 years and 3.5 years. Three average trees in each age class ... Read More »

Growth of Different Eucalypts Clones Planted on Paddy Bunds

Eucalypt clones planted on paddy bunds in Chachaengsao province were compared at two sites, Ban Huai Pleek, Phanom Sarakham district (21 rai) and Ban Nhong Kanai, Sanam Chai Khet district (29 rai). Both sites were cultivated with one crop of rain-fed rice annually. Four eucalypt clones (K51, K58, K59 and K7) from the Eucalyptus Technology Company (Eu-Tech) were planted using ... Read More »

Financial Analysis of Agroforestry Practice at Household Level Under Phu Phan Agroforestry Network, Sakon Nakhon Province

Objectives of  the study were to conduct the financial analysis of agroforestry   practice at household level under Phu Phan Agroforestry Network, Sakon Nakhon Province.             The financial analysis was employed to determine the achievement of the investment in          3 main agroforestry patterns namely. 1) Antidesma thwaitesianum combined with Dimocarpus longan and Gynura hispida 2) A. thwaitesianum combined with Tamarind indical and ... Read More »