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Agarwood Oil Production in Chanthaburi Province

The objectives of this study were to analyze the operation of commercial agarwood oil refining business and financial returns analysis of agarwood oil production in Chanthaburi. Indepth interviews were used a refined 7 cases during the time of research between August 2013 and February 2014. Those were analyzed using descriptive and simple statistics in order to assess the financial returns ... Read More »

People Participation in Mangrove Forest Conservation of Kho Than Sub-district Community, Tha Chang District, Surat Thani Province

The objectives of the study were to determine the socio-economic condition, general information, participation level and factors affecting people participation in mangrove forest conservation, of Kho Than sub-district community, Tha Chang district, Surat Thani province. Data was collected by using the designed questionnaires interview 258 respondents. The data were ananlyzed and representing in term of the statistical values namely frequency, ... Read More »

The Reduction of Formaldehyde Emission in Particleboard by the Addition of Bamboo Charcoal Powder

Bamboo charcoal was used as bio-scavenger for formaldehyde release in wood particleboard to minimize the emission. The adding 5, 10 and 15 percent of powdered bamboo char based on the weight of urea formaldehyde resin revealed that particleboard could decreased the formaldehyde emission only 10 percent (by mass). The advantage of bamboo charcoal as bio-scavenger is its availability and uncomplicated ... Read More »

Anatomy of leaf epidermal cells of some Bamboo species in the genera Bambusa, Dendrocalamus and Gigantochloa

Anatomical structures of the leaf epidermal cells of bamboo could be used as supported information for bamboo classification to be more precisely at a species level. The samples of dried leaves were collected from Bamboo Museum in the Faculty of Forestry and National Science Museum. Fifteen species of Thai bamboo which belong to 3 genera were selected as follows : ... Read More »

Aboveground Biomass of 4 Bamboo Plantations in Different Culm Ages at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang, Chiang Mai Province

The aboveground biomass of various aged bamboo plantations were studied at the Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang, Chiang Mai Province. Four bamboo plantation species were Bambusa longispatha, Dendrocalamus brandisii, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii and Dendrocalamus latiflorus with culm aged 1, 2, 3 and 4 years or more. Randomized complete block design (RCBD) was applied. Two sampled plots of 20 m x 20 m ... Read More »

Growth and Aboveground Biomass of Melaleuca cajuputi Powell in Noboru Umeda Tagum Plantation, Trat Province

The growth and aboveground biomass of 29-year-old Melaleuca cajuputi Powell planted in Noboru Umeda Tagum Plantation, Trat Province was studied in seasonal (7-9 months) and yearly flood areas.  In each area, three plots, (40 m x40 m size of each) were established by using a randomized complete block design.  The diameter at breast height (DBH) and total height (H) of ... Read More »

Species Trials of Native Fast Growing Tree Species at Trat Agroforestry Research and Training Station, Mueang District, Trat Province

Species trial of native fast growing tree species were carried out at Trat agroforestry research and training station, Mueang district, Trat province. The objectives of the study were to assess growth performances and biomass production of native fast growing tree species and to select suitable tree species for planting at the site by using Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with ... Read More »

Experiment of Four Species Seed Pelleting for Forest Rehabilitation

The study on experiment of four species seed pelleting for forest rehabilitation was aimed to understand the effect of seed pelleting on germination, survival and growth of four tree species.  Completely randomized design (CRD) with 4 replication was used in the experiment.  Two methods including pelleted and non-pelleted seeds were carried out.  Four tree seed species composed of Albizia lebbeck, ... Read More »

Valuation of Carbon Stock in Trees at Khao Wong Community Forest, Chaiyaphum Province

The objectives of the study were to determine the species and density of tree, biomass, carbon stocks and valuation of carbon stock in trees at Khao Wong community forest, Chaiyaphum province. The study was employed stratified random sampling by trees density namely high, moderated and low. Hence, the 1 temporary sample plots of 40 m x 40 m, were laid ... Read More »

Above-ground Carbon Stock Assessment of Khuan Khaeng Swamp Forest after severe Burning in 2012 using Satellite Imagery

This study aimed to assess the above-ground carbon stock of woody plants in Khuan Khaeng swamp forest after severe burning in 2012. Firstly, the swamp area was classified into different land use and land cover types affected by forest fire using the supervised classification of Thaichote image. Ground truth and accuracy assessment have been done. Consequently, the classified image was ... Read More »