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Some Ecological Characteristics of Natural Distribution Habitats and Population Status of Laccifera Lacquer Tree (Gluta laccifera (Pierre) Ding Hou) in Thailand

The ecological characteristics of natural distribution of Laccifera lacquer trees (Gluta laccifera (Pierre) Ding Hou) were investigated from herbarium specimen collection and field observation around Thailand. The result had recorded their distribution areas cover in 25 provinces where have natural distributed mostly in eastern parts of Thailand. Laccifera lacquer tree has mostly growth in Dry deciduous dipterocarp forest with Dipterocarpus ... Read More »

Evaluation of Nature Interpretive Sign System and Mangrove Nature Trail at Pranburi Forest Park, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province

The objectives of this research were to compare youth and adult knowledge about the mangrove ecosystem, to evaluate visitor opinions of the mangrove interpretive sign system and nature trail, and to develop suggestions to improve the trail and signage. Data was collected using a questionnaire survey. A sample size of 400 visitors, which are divided into two groups (youth and ... Read More »

Participatory Assessment of Ecotourism Potential at Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area: A Case study of Hatkai Village, Thapabad District, Bolikhamxai Province, Lao People’s Democratic Republic

This study of Participatory Assessment of Ecotourism Potential at Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area (PNPA) use an area assessment technique and community interviews as the key tools to achieve the study objectives: to assess the potential of the area for ecotourism establishment; to examine the local needs and readiness of community to participate in this ecotourism management; and to ... Read More »

Responses toward Regulations and Recreational User Management Measures of Visitors to Doi Suthep-Pui National Park

The objectives of this research were to study the perception and responses toward regulations and recreational user management measures of visitors to Doi Suthep-Pui national park and to determine factors influencing those responses. Visitor survey by questionnaire was conducted and 400 visitors participated in the survey. Observation method was also employed in order to obtain detailed information on visitors’ behavior. ... Read More »

Economic Potential of Timber Production from Yargey Community Forest under Tsirang District in Bhutan

Field survey was conducted during spring of 2010 to study timber production and investigate financial return from timber sale from Yargey community forest under Tsirang dzongkhag in Bhutan. Stratified random sampling for 71 respondents was randomly selected for interviews with target groups like Community Forest Management Group, furniture house/sawmill owners, general timber consumers and contractors.  Data were gathered by employing ... Read More »

Growth Performance and Physiological Characteristics of Four Clones of Eucalypt Seedlings under Different Light Intensities

The study on growth performance and physiological characteristics of four clones of eucalypt seedlings were carried out under different light conditions at the Faculty of Forestry nursery. A 4×2 factorial design in RCBD with two factors, four clones of eucalypt (K7, K51, K59 and K7) and two light intensities (30 and 100%) was applied with three replications. Growth, biomass, leaf ... Read More »


Study on taxonomy and distribution of the ant genus Dorylus in Thailand, with the objectives to make known their external morphology, distribution pattern, and taxonomic characters which conducting the identification key to this ant genus. Data complied from three main museum collections. Three species of the ant genus Dorylus, i.e., D. laevigatus (Fr. Smith, 1857), D. orientalis Westwood, 1835 and ... Read More »