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People Participation in the Conservation of Khao Rao Thian Tong Community Forest in Chai Nat Province

Objectives of the is study are to determine the level of people participation and  factors affecting the participation in the conservation of Khao Rao Thian Tong Community Forest. The Ban Khao RaoThian Tongcommunity forest  was established in 1999, in Chai Nat Province and covered with an area of 993 Rai. The  data was collected  by employing the designed questionnaires   interviewed ... Read More »

Job Satisfaction of The Staff in Process of Working in Kaengkrachan National Park

The objectives of the study were to 1) investigate the level of implementation satisfaction 2) study the personal factors, knowledges in forest conservation, implementation expectation, implementation opinion, and management participation, 3) compare the personal factors concerning the knowledges in forest conservation with government official’s satisfaction, and 4) perceive the factors related to staff satisfaction. The questionnaire was used for collecting ... Read More »

Marketing of Wood Cement Particleboard in Thailand

Objectives of this study were to determine the production and marketing of Wood Cement Particleboard (WCP) in Thailand. Questionnaires were used as tools to collect data. Statistical methods used in the analysis were frequency, percent, mean, minimum and maximum. Results showed that in 2009 there were only 3 active WCP entrepreneurs. The main raw materials using for WCP production were ... Read More »

Carbon Storage of Dry Dipterocarp Forest and Eucalypt Plantation at Mancha Khiri Plantation, Khon Kaen Province

The study on carbon storage of dry dipterocarp forest and eucalypt plantation at Mancha Khiri plantation, Khon Kaen Province aimed to compared the carbon storage potential between dry dipterocarp forest and 1-4 year-old eucalypt plantation. A 40 m × 40 m sample plot was laid out in each age of eucalypt plantation while four 40 m × 40 m sample ... Read More »

Leaf Litter Decomposition in Exotic Tree Plantations at Doi Angkhang, Chiang Mai Province

Leaf litter decomposition rates in exotic tree plantations at Doi Angkhang, Chiang Mai Province were studied in Acacia confusa, Fraxinus griffithii, Liquidambar formosana, Cinnamomum camphora and Cunninghamia lanceolata. The study was started from November 2004 to October 2005. This was achieved by placing litter in nylon screen bags close to the soil surface, samples were collected every month to determine ... Read More »

Size Distribution and Morphological Damage to 17-year-old Hopea odorata Planted in Fast-growing Tree Stands in the Northeast of Thailand

Size distribution and morphological damage and climbing of lianas were investigated for 17-year-old Hopea odorata which were planted in fast-growing tree stands at the Sakaerat Silvicultural Research Station in northeast Thailand. Eucalyptus camaldulensis, Acacia auriculiformis, and Senna siamea were planted as nurse trees in 1987 at spacings of 4m ´ 8m, 2m ´ 8m, 4m ´ 4m, and 2m ´ ... Read More »

Tree Species Growth Changes over 16 years in the Long-term Dynamic Plots of Sakaerat Deciduous Dipterocarp Forest, Northeastern Thailand

Repeat census of DBH or diameter at breast height (1.3 m aboveground from the stem bases) of all tree individuals having DBH equivalent to and over 4.5 cm in the 4 permanent long-term dynamic plots in Sakaerat deciduous dipterocarp forest (SDDF), northeastern Thailand was carried out yearly for a period of 16 years (1984-2000) and growth rates of all existing ... Read More »