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Production and Marketing of Bamboo Products in Lampang Province

This study examined the production and marketing of bamboo products and the problems in bamboo-product enterprises in Lampang province. Data were gathered by interviewing 17 entrepreneurs. The respondents were classified as: 4 food-stick producers, 7 food-stick and chopstick producers, 5 food-stick, chopstick and toothpick producers, and one incense-stick producer. The production process of each product type was similar; the raw ... Read More »

Agarwood Oil Production in Chanthaburi Province

The objectives of this study were to analyze the operation of commercial agarwood oil refining business and financial returns analysis of agarwood oil production in Chanthaburi. Indepth interviews were used a refined 7 cases during the time of research between August 2013 and February 2014. Those were analyzed using descriptive and simple statistics in order to assess the financial returns ... Read More »

The Potential in Supplying Herbs of Tapapao Community Forest Thapladuk Sub-district, Mae Tha District, Lamphun Province

Objectives of the research were to determine species diversity, production, and value of medicinal plants, as well as marketing channel of medicinal plant products which was operated by the villagers of Tapapao village. Participatory action research technique was employed as the research methodology. In addition, the indepth interview with key informant group who are the local medicinal plant expertists coupled ... Read More »

Production and Marketing of Teak Products at Namcham Sub-district, Sung Men District, Phrae Province

The objectives of the study were to investigate the production, marketing, and market structure of the teak products in Namcham sub-district, Sung Men district, Phrae province.  The using data was collected by employing the designed questionnaires interviewed 253 entrepreneurs of wood factories. The analytical statistics methods used for the data analysis were frequency, percent, maximum, minimum and mean. The results ... Read More »