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Leaf Gas Exchange Characteristics of Four Eucalypt Clones Planted on Paddy Bunds in Chachoengsao Province

Leaf gas exchange characteristics play an important role in tree growth and carbon storage. In this study, the leaf gas exchange characteristics of four eucalypt clones planted on paddy bunds were investigated in two on-farm study sites in Chachoengsao province. Specifically, four leaf gas exchange characteristics were measured in the wet and dry seasons: light-saturated net photosynthesis, stomatal conductance, transpiration ... Read More »

Carbon Storage of Eucalypts Planted on Paddy Bunds in Chachoengsao Province

This study investigated the potential to store carbon in the biomass of eucalypt clones planted on paddy bunds in two trials in Chachoengsao province: 1) a clonal trial of four clones; and 2) a spacing trial with five different distances between trees. There were two study sites on farms in each trial. Three years after planting, samples of stems, branches, ... Read More »

Valuation of Carbon Stock in Trees at Khao Wong Community Forest, Chaiyaphum Province

The objectives of the study were to determine the species and density of tree, biomass, carbon stocks and valuation of carbon stock in trees at Khao Wong community forest, Chaiyaphum province. The study was employed stratified random sampling by trees density namely high, moderated and low. Hence, the 1 temporary sample plots of 40 m x 40 m, were laid ... Read More »

Above-ground Carbon Stock Assessment of Khuan Khaeng Swamp Forest after severe Burning in 2012 using Satellite Imagery

This study aimed to assess the above-ground carbon stock of woody plants in Khuan Khaeng swamp forest after severe burning in 2012. Firstly, the swamp area was classified into different land use and land cover types affected by forest fire using the supervised classification of Thaichote image. Ground truth and accuracy assessment have been done. Consequently, the classified image was ... Read More »

Estimation of Above – ground Carbon Sequestration of Forest Area by Using Remote Sensing Techniques at Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, Tak Province

This study was aimed to estimate the aboveground carbon sequestration of forest area by using remote sensing techniques at Mae Tuen Wildlife Sanctuary, TakProvince. To do this, the relation between aboveground carbon sequestration and the reflectance value of different wavebands of LANDSAT 5 TM image and its index, such as band 2 (Green), band 3 (Red) and band 4 (IR) ... Read More »

Growth, Biomass and Carbon Storage of Jatropha curcas L.

Study on the growth, biomass and carbon storage in Jatropha curcas L. was carried out at the National Corn and Sorghum Research Center, Nakhon Ratchasima province.  The objective was to study the growth and carbon storage in the aboveground biomass of four varieties of 5-year-old J. curcas L. namely, Kamphaeng Saen, KUBP16, KUBP 20 and KUBP74.  A randomized complete block ... Read More »

Carbon Stocks in Deciduous Forest with Different Burning Frequencies at Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, Uthai Thani Province

A study on carbon stock in deciduous forest with different burning frequencies. aims at determining plant species composition and structure and estimating the aboveground biomass and carbon stock in each plot. Plant species composition and structure (trees and saplings) were investigated in five 90 x 90 m plots of different burning frequencies: annual burning (M2), 1-year fire free interval (M5), ... Read More »