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Screening of Salt Tolerance of Fast Growing Species Tolerance to Salt under Nutrient Solution

Screening for salt tolerance of fast growing tree species in nutrient solution, was conducted with 9 seed sources in 5 species,including Acacia  ampliceps (15762), Acacia  ampliceps (18425), Acacia  plectocarpa (19983), Acacia  plectocarpa (19931), Acacia  leptocarpa (16176), Acacia  leptocarpa (19006), Acacia  colei (19984), Acacia  colei (19958) and Eucalyptus  camaldulensis. The seedlings were grown in nutrient solution (deep water culture system). Input ... Read More »

Lichen in Diversity in Plant Communities of Mae Wong National Park

The study on species and quantity of lichens in plant communities at Mae Wong National Park by laying out the survey and data collecting sampling in 4 forest types: lower montane rainforest, dry evergreen forest, mixed deciduous forest and dry deciduous dipterocarp forest. Five sample plots were allocated in each forest type, when field data collection was done during November ... Read More »