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Application of Geographic Information System to Assess Risk Area of Encroachment at Phu Pha Man National Park, Khon Kaen Province

The objectives of the study were to analyze land use changes at PhuPhaManNational Park, to determine the factors of forest encroachment during 1992 – 2006, and to identify the risk areas of encroachment. This study employed Geographic Information System and logistic regression analysis to reveal the relationship between physical and socio-economic factors and land use changes, and to map the ... Read More »

Analysis of Presentation of News Relating to Protected Areas on Newspaper Media

The objectives of this study were to characterize and to study tendency of the presentation of news relating to protected areas on newspaper, to study attitudes of reporters toward protected area management, to study perception on news, attitudes toward protected area management and on-site behavior of protected areas’ visitors, and to test the influence of perception on news on attitudes ... Read More »

Analysis of Recreation Patterns and Recreation Experiences of Visitors to Natured-based Recreation Areas in Mae Hong Son Province

The objectives of this research were to study recreation patterns and recreation experiences of visitors to nature-based recreation areas in Mae Hong Son province, to compare desired recreation experiences with actual recreation experiences in visiting the recreation areas, to compare recreation experiences gained from each of recreation area and to test the relationship between actual recreation experiences with overall satisfaction ... Read More »

Analysis of Recreational Uses in Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary

The objectives of this study were to study socio-demographic characteristics, recreation use patterns and recreation behavior, to examine factors influencing the recreation behaviors and to predict trend of recreational uses at Huai Kha Khaeng wildlife sanctuary.  Questionnaire was used to collect data from 411 visitors. The survey data were analyzed and concluded by using descriptive statistics, and multiple regression analysis.  ... Read More »

Decision Support System for Eucalypt Plantation Investment in Chachoengsao Province

The present study was aimed to develop an integrated decision support system (DSS) for eucalypt plantation investment in Chachoengsao province that could be able to determine site suitability, plantation yield, appropriate plantation management, and economical profits. To meet all objectives of the present study, the DSS development can be separated into 4 main parts including database design and analysis, DSS ... Read More »

Visitors Response Behaviors to Warning Signs in Phu Kradueng National Park, Loei Province

The objectives of this research were to study visitor’s background who visited PhuKraduengNational Park, the opinions of visitors and visitor responses to three types of warning signs: collaboration, explanatory  and punishment warning sign. Data was collected by a naturalistic observation and a survey questionnaire of 460 tourists. The researcher used descriptive statistics, t-test, F-test and chi-square to analyze the survey ... Read More »

Impacts of the Infrastructure Construction on Land Use Change in Bang Khanun Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province

Objectives of the study were to determine the socio-economic condition, impacts level and relationship between impacts of the infrastructure construction and land use change in Bang Khanun Subdistrict, Bang KruaiDistrict, NonthaburiProvince. The using data was gathered by employing the designed questionnaires interviewed 108 respondents who live in Mue 1 Ban Bang Khanun and Mue 2 Ban Tak Dat. Chi-square method ... Read More »

The Habitat Use and Feeding Activity of Tadarida plicata in Thailand

The study quantified feeding rate and habitat use of Tadarida plicata demonstrated the important role they play in the natural and cultivated ecosystems. This study determined habitat use and feeding activity of T.plicata in an agricultural landscape including seasonal variation in habitat use and foraging activity. The proportion of signal-receiving time over the total recording time was measured to obtain ... Read More »

Effects of Sweet Flag Extracts (Acorus calamus L.) on Toxicity and the Levels of Esterase and Glutathione-S-transferase on the Brown Dog Tick (Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Latreille))

The tendency of herbal extracts as insecticide alternative is gaining high acceptability to Thai people. Some synthetic pesticides namely pyrethroids and organophosphate have been causing detrimental effects to home pet such as dogs. This research was done to evaluate the efficiency of sweet flag (Acorus calamus L.) rhizomes that have been proved to repel and give mortality to some insects.  ... Read More »


Aquilaria crassna generally flowers between early March and May. Young flowers develop to maturity within three weeks. Un-pollinated flowers fall within five days. The flower is of perfect flower, consisting of calyx-tube, collora-tube, androecium and gynoecium. The pollen is of circular with small size (20-25 µm in diameter) with reticulate exine. The papillae stigma is of capitate with a length ... Read More »